Method of improving the working efficiency of sand making machine

First of all, to improve the efficiency of the  vsi sand making machine is very important, the actual work efficiency and the influence of the method of artificial operation on the production efficiency of the machine equipment is very important. The center of the sand making machine is in the feed pipe, the conical cap, the impeller, the lower flow passage lining board, the protecting plate, and the wear-resistant block, etc.. In view of these problems, we have studied the new solution, the concrete operation is as follows:

Equipment is the good operation state, summed up for the daily maintenance and maintenance, sand making machine equipment, high-speed operation of the equipment, the friction and consumption of all the parts of large, the lubrication and maintenance work is good or bad determines the running status of the equipment, good lubrication, and high wear-resistant characteristics, system sand machine production to the nature of the material and to the material flow changes also the efficiency of their work.

Adhere to the correct operation of the production method, the third generation of sand making machine in the production process the motor drive belt wheel transmission belt tension degree to be appropriate, can guarantee the production quality, impact type system sand machine impeller device can well control the materials in the crushing cavity of the speed of the rotating vortex motion and material, reduce equipment wear rate, and at the same time, improve the production efficiency, impeller device of high performance and high wear resistant lining board structure greatly prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.