vertical roller mill maintenance operation in the summer

Usually under the condition of machine can work under high temperature for a long time many times is the key to test a machine quality is superior in, to solve the problem caused by temperature, then the service life of the vertical roller mill will greatly reduce. Temperature gradually increased to the maintenance of the vertical wear into a new stage, but also a key turning point in the maintenance of vertical wear.

Under the environment of high temperature, the vertical mill in various parts of the performance with the temperature elevated place subtle changes. If you do not take timely means of defense, so the vertical roller mill operation may also with the temperature rise and become disobedient. Li Limo's maintenance and maintenance in the summer is a big project, so how to make a static and static, but also from the details of the place to start:

1, clean up the vertical mill. Stand mill accessories inside and outside clean and grinding ring body, grinding roller, a motor, a belt, a gear junction, etc., all can clean up the place should clean up +. The aim is to find out if there is a faulty component.

2, in the vertical mill cleaning process should pay attention to each connection parts of the bolts is complete, loose or missing, timely fastening and filled.

3, the failure of the equipment to check the vertical grinding equipment into a form, from easy to difficult to rule out one by one, especially in relation to the safety of the fault to be excluded from the first time.

4, To maintain the machine vertical mill troubleshooting and to lubricate the parts on lubricating oil, and in accordance with the specification requirements on time and the replacement of lubricating oil, gear oil, the use of high temperature resistant lubricating oil.

5, do a good job of the maintenance of machinery and equipment on the flat and solid ground and conditions permit can be parked in a purpose built hangar to prevent machine placed is not smooth in operation in the process of faults damage to the equipment.

Hot and humid summer, we must not ignore the vertical grinding temperature and moisture, while the vertical mill is firm and unyielding character, but need to be anti high temperature moisture care. Otherwise, long time exposure and moisture will accelerate vertical grinding of aging, can also cause damage to the internal parts of the machine, to solve these problems of the best way is to give the vertical mill good summer maintenance and maintenance work.

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