LUM vertical roller mill is an environmentally friendly machines

LUM series of new type of ultrafine vertical roller mill in the design takes into account the link, so, it is from the beginning of environmental protection machinery. Vertical roller mill has a pulse type dust collector, the environment has achieved almost zero pollution, fully meet the national emission standards. That is because of this, to make it in the present, even if the state of the environment in the case of such a serious situation, still can get a good development.

However, its environmental protection work has to be a certain operation to cooperate. Before starting the dust collector, the compressed air can be connected to the gas storage tank, and the power supply is switched on. In order to achieve the best removal effect, the device must be strictly controlled on the starting sequence.

The working principle of the dust collector is very simple, the dusty gas from the lower part of the open type flange into the filter chamber, coarser particles directly into the ash bin, the filter bag filter, dust resistance to stay on the surface of the bag dust gas bearing and gas net bag to the clean air chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through a fan.

When the dust on the surface of the filter bag is increasing, the controller starts to work, one by one to open the pulse valve, the compressed air through the nozzle, the bag spray blowing, so that the bag because the inflated sudden expansion, in under the action of the reverse flow, located in the dust bag table quickly from the bag, fall into the ash bin, dust discharge by the ash valve discharge.And lum series of new vertical mill technical parameters compared, dust collector parameters is relatively simple, including temperature, flue gas quantity and concentration, according to the production process of powder processing, can make real-time feedback. In the process of processing, the temperature and concentration of dust should be recorded, and a brief analysis is made.

In the production line, when the dust removal machine stops, do not need to compress the gas source, especially when the air blower works, must provide the compressed air to the valve cylinder, to ensure that the valve is opened. Line operators to familiar with the dust remover of the principle, performance and conditions of use and master the corresponding adjustment and maintenance methods, on the parts of the periodic lubrication and decontamination, to avoid blockage equipment problems caused by.

Vertical mill equipment is of environmentally friendly machines, in its environmental protection and excellent performance make it get people attention, in operation to operate according to the rules, but also to make a proper maintenance, has achieved the better effect.