three factors greatly increase the sand making machine efficiency

Mining machinery production efficiency is very important, the sand making equipment is even more so, the efficiency of the sand making machine increases to higher yields, so system sand machine, how to raise the production efficiency?, today we here said three factors.

1 with the least cost of capital to get the highest price ratio of the sand making machine equipment we have the best sand machine equipment.

2. Installation of equipment for sand making machine to surrounding environment with the ability to achieve efficient system sand machine equipment operation process and may be encountered during the first installation of power resources supply, which is all of the installation of equipment, relates to the distribution transformer is the main equipment, maintenance of voltage is not whether or not the voice of the abnormal, this is absolutely can not happen. Check the temperature, oil temperature, measuring line coil DC resistance value is qualified, the inspection found no problem, can send electricity; otherwise, you should replace the transformer.

3. It is important to pay attention to the market, the sand making machine manufacturers can not limited their environment, to open up their horizons like rocks have a property called for adhesion, the existence of this nature, serious limits the degree of mixing of mud and water, produced in the production of sand particles are after strict control.

The above three points well, improve the efficiency of sand making machine production just around the corner, sand making machine production efficiency, the higher the more conducive to our production, we sand making machine manufacturers adhere to & ldquo; excellence & rdquo; principles, and constantly blaze new trails, sand making machine industry development contribute efforts.