How to make the sand making machine achieve stable performance?

Sand making machine is currently the most effective sand production machinery, in many sand production industry is the most widely used. It has a high efficiency of production efficiency and quality of the performance, not only for many users has brought huge benefits, but also for the construction of our country with the quality of sand to provide protection. But  vsi sand making machine as a mechanical equipment also need like a baby caress, such as sand making machine of wearing parts need to check regularly, if necessary replacement. Bearings are required to regularly for the use of lubricating oil for maintenance work. Thought of here, we should think how to care for sand making machine, and to ensure that the equipment performance is stable, and efficiency is unabated.

First of all, the material inside the sand making machine can not start, if to do so if the motor will be because the starting pressure too large to be burned. In addition to other aspects of the degree of damage to different degrees. Therefore, we must pay attention to the rules of the operation of sand machine is to wait for the sand after the device is started, and then add the ore raw material.

We all know that any equipment is its scope of application, the sand making machine is the same, it requires added to the raw material of sand making machine can not exceed a certain size, if too large, the ore will clog up the sand making machine feeding mouth. At this time you will need to clean the machine and affect the production or damage to the impeller and the need to repair. Machine equipment is required to maintain, or machine internal iron parts wear is very easy to damage. Sand making machine in the application for a period of time to check the need to add the lubricating oil, so that the machine can make use of the more permanent.

In addition, the machine is fixed with screws, and often violent movement of these screws will be loose. If the sand making machine abnormal noise during use, should be timely stop check. Find the ring, and tighten.

There is a very important point: due to the working environment of the sand making machine is more severe, the long time is not used, the sand making machine will appear the problem of rust, which affects the quality of the sand making machine. So the derusting sand making machine is also need to be concerned about.

This reminds the user, in the use of equipment and idle time, to carry out maintenance and maintenance, can not relax, good performance equipment is able to bring huge profits for the enterprise.