Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers Has Best Service

The vertical mill products produced by the Shanghai state, whether in quality or technical level, can reach the advanced level of the world. Our vertical roller mill has the advantages of high technology, high reliability, low cost, environmental protection and energy saving, has been exported to more than 130 countries, widely used and the global mining and construction industry.

World grinding reason in Shanghai vertical roller mill manufacturers won the first prize, not only benefit to its high standards of product level, is inseparable from the world state machine specifically for the customer to create "one-stop" service system. The service system covers the pre selection of the negotiation, sale free visit investigation, after-sale installation and debugging and visit all of the three stages of the process, for customers to transfer the humanized service concept and the most thoughtful buying experience.

First is pre contact to discuss work, mainly includes three stages: a detailed understanding of customer demand for production, materials, production environment and downstream enterprises in the supply of understanding information; the second is  our technicians in-depth customer production site of ore materials were sampled and analyzed, and provided free of charge samples analysis report; the third is according to the prophase of all information understanding and material analysis report, by the authority of experts for customers to recommend the most appropriate vertical mill types, and design the most economical production plan.

Then is the sale of free to visit inspection work, the process is state of the world in view of the network, and a telephone signal transfer mode, unable to give the customers to buy the rest assured "experience, and specially designed a link, you can before determining the purchase of equipment connection state of the world and the online customer service requirements of visiting world state machine wholeheartedly welcome customers to visit, the luxury car business and elegant Cafe awaits your arrival!

The last is the installation and commissioning of the post maintenance and maintenance work, many manufacturers have ignored this point, to bring great distress to the late use of customers. World mill manufacturers have a professional, skilled, experienced after-sale installation team, do a good job in the installation and commissioning work at the same time can also help customers for the training of operators and give effective late maintenance guidance.

Shanghai Shibang milling equipment manufacturers to include vertical mill, crusher, sand making machine every customer commitment, if the equipment used in difficult to solve fault, shibang after-sales maintenance and technical personnel will be rushed to the spot within 24 hours and truly solve problems for customers!