improve the vertical roller mill grinding efficiency

When everyone uses a vertical roller mill are hoping to bring their own benefits and increase service life. So how do you do to improve grinding efficiency?

Stable material bed is the foundation of the grinding machine, and is the key to the normal operation. The thickness of the material layer can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the retaining ring, the appropriate thickness and the corresponding relationship between them and the output, should be found in the commissioning phase.

Grinding pressure is the main factor affecting the output, grinding efficiency and power of the mill. Vertical mill is by to exert pressure on the bed material and the crushing pressure yield increased with increasing, but reaches a certain critical value does not change, the consequent increase in pressure is increased power, lead to the increase of energy consumption per unit, so appropriate rolling to yield and energy consumption balance.

To ensure a certain out of the grinding temperature, the vertical mill is a drying and grinding system, the temperature is a measure of the dry grinding is a comprehensive index of normal. In order to guarantee the raw material drying well, the moisture of the material is less than 0.5%, and the outlet temperature of the mill is generally controlled at about 90. If the temperature is too low is refined water, grinding efficiency and powder selecting efficiency decreased, is likely to cause dust collecting system condensation; if too high, said flue gas cooling humidification is not enough, will also affect the dust collection effect.

To control the granularity of raw material; by the granularity of raw material separator speed, air volume system, grinding load etc.. In the case of air flow and load, can change the speed to adjust the fineness, the maximum increase or decrease 2r/min, over the general assembly caused by vertical mill vibration increase or even tripping.