Important wear parts of the sand making machine

Sand making machine is composed of various parts, these parts have a large motor small to the screw, and probably hundreds of parts of the composition of the hard and incomparable vsi sand making machine . There are so many parts that we can't understand, but we should know a few important parts.. In the course of the use of sand making machine, there will always be some problems due to the maintenance of various problems, and sometimes it is possible to change parts, then we need to pay attention to some of the problems.

There are a variety of equipment for sand machine accessories, such as impeller retainer, feeder, the motor belt wheel, vortex chamber liner, triangle belt, to throw the first, quick to counter, upper plate dirty plate, cone material, air impeller, bearing sleeve, a main belt wheel, positioning cylinder, bearing, spindle, and so on. When some wearing parts can't be used normally, we should choose the new one to replace it reasonably, so as to guarantee the efficient operation of the machine.

1, pay attention to the original
When the user buys sand making machine equipment, if the conditions permit can be equipped with a set of wearing parts for the manufacturer. The spare parts of the factory have the best matching property in the material, the size or the quality.. And the original parts of the factory have a perfect after-sales service system. Recommended that the consumer should be designated by the host manufacturers of special dealers to buy.

2, contrast prices
There are many consumers by the manufacturers of misleading, think sand machine accessories are almost. Because of the simple process of fake and inferior products, the production cost is low, they tend to attract consumers with lower price, and this is their temptation. So consumers respond to some sand making machine fittings market prices have to understand, if you are impressed with the price in the price difference is too big words, you can don't immediately immersed in a joy of picked up cheap, then more vigilant. To sell the accessories you certainly have a reason, most of them are substandard accessories.

3, when consumers buy accessories should open the surface of the carefully observed accessories. For example: there are no rust, mildew, aging phenomenon. There is no deformation, geometric size is in line with the requirements. Whether there is loose, degumming, sparks. Whether the surface protection layer is intact. Whether the rotating parts is flexible. Instruction, certificate is complete.

Sand making machine is composed of the parts and parts quality directly determines the quality of sand making machine and the fittings can improve the production efficiency of the machine, the bad parts will not only serious production efficiency of the machine can also cause bodily harm. So we must carefully buy accessories, avoid unnecessary damage.