vertical roller mill installation method

Vertical milling machine referred to as vertical mill, vertical roller mill compared with traditional milling equipment, belonging to the super large milling equipment, for such large scale superfine mill installation and need of professionals. Vertical milling machine is installed vertical? The answer is yes.

Vertical milling machine installation can be divided into three parts: the overall installation, installation and parameter design of cylinder body.

1, vertical milling machine installation is vertical, the cylinder axis is perpendicular to the ground, drive motor installed in cylinder side below, both through the transmission belt, but also through the gear transmission, the motor drives the cylinder body to rotate, and the guide plate is generally fixed. Feeding way is from the hollow axis to the mill, feeding way is from the bottom of the central hole upside down from the cylinder, and then from the discharge box outflow.

2. In the cylinder body mounting - guide mechanism, which is composed of a guide plate, a supporting plate and a hollow shaft tube. The guide plate is connected with the hollow shaft pipe through the supporting plate, and the connecting way comprises a screw connection, pin or key connection, rivet joint, polygon connection and welding. The guide plate is generally designed as flat plate, and can be designed with a certain arc of arc plate, the position of the guide plate can be adjusted by the movement of the hollow axis tube.

3, mill speed and parameters of the steering mechanism design, cylinder mill speed n is more than or equal to Nd: n for the mill speed; nd for the discharge granularity is d mineral particles can be finely ground minimum speed, mill and diameter, grinding ore type of medium, grain size and hardness of rock and ore, factors about, a nd the test to determine. The ratio of the length to diameter of the mill cylinder is 2~1.

The guide plate is a curved plate with the curvature of a plane or a curvature of a cylinder, and the length of the L1=0.7~0.9L is L1 as the length of the guide plate; the length of the L is the length of the cylinder.. The width of the guide plate is W1: the width of the W1=0.3-0.5R is the guide plate; the radius of the R is the radius of the cylinder.. The inclination angle of the guide plate is 40~70 for e degree. In the formula: D1 is the gap between the guide plate and the inner wall of the cylinder, and D2 is the diameter of the largest grinding medium..