Summer maintenance manual for sand making machine

Sand  making machine as a professional sand production equipment, is widely used in stone production, mineral processing, metallurgy, refractory material, water conservancy construction, engineering construction and development industry, using its powerful performance advantage and efficient production level for the user to bring unparalleled gains experience. However in the four seasons.

The hot summer is sand making  machine is the most prone to failure of the season. During this period, once faults occur, possibly will lead to reduce the efficiency of sand making machine production, the wearing rate higher consequences, then in the scorching sun of summer, the how to reduce low sand making machine fault incidence?? we as a professional sand making machine manufacturers, after depth study to come up with a three effective and convenient solution:

1, timely to the sand machine to add for the summer of the oil, as well as the cooling system inspection.

2, impact type system sand machine hydraulic system should do: a high transmission efficiency, to give full play to the launch engine power and fuel economy by; attune heavy vibration resistance of cooler and reduce the system total calorific value and enables the host to continuous operation of the hydraulic oil does not exceed 80 degrees, or temperature does not exceed 45 degrees; because of the sand making machine site dust, hydraulic oil are easy to be polluted, so hydraulic system sealing performance is better, armpit element to oil pollution sensitive low rational, the entire hydraulic system to the installation of oil filter and dust.

3, the summer also to the cab air-conditioning repair, adjust, so that better adjustment of the state of the driver. Use hydraulic or electro-hydraulic servo control installation to gravel impact type system sand machine set automatic control system, thus further enhance pressure blasting machine technical performance and reduce the labor intensity of the driver.

Finally, we remind the sand making machine, the majority of users, not only the summer needs for sand making machine maintenance and in daily use to the timing of sand making machine for maintenance of all aspects of maintenance work. As for machinery and equipment, wear-resistant parts of the damage is inevitable, not to mention impact type system sand machine stone is hard, so if you want to reduce the incidence of impact type system sand machine failures, first of all to the sand making machine maintenance in place to provide higher returns for you.