Raymond Mill Research And Innovation

The innovation and development of the mining industry as a pillar industry of our country, Raymond mill , superfine grinder, such as equipment needs to improve the level of development and manufacturing, can in the fierce market competition win. As is known to all, milling machine as the important equipment for production of industrial raw materials and energy, the improvement of the efficiency will become an important conservation of resources and energy sectors, now mine mechanical milling machine industry, conform to the international low carbon environmental protection economic development trend, has ushered in a new development opportunity for the rapid development of industrial milling machine industry.

Raymond mill can not only successfully processing and grinding material, more extensive processing of quartz, feldspar, calcite, silicon carbide, insulation materials such as Mohs hardness below 9 - grade and humidity below 6% of all non inflammable and explosive materials. Now Raymond Mill of fierce market competition, we need to develop new Raymond grinding technology, so as to enhance the quality of Raymond mill. To be competitive, it is to lead in technology, the enterprise can go further.

My factory has been focused on the research and innovation of the milling equipment, the production of high pressure roller mill, Raymond mill, superfine grinding mill and other equipment has extended the international market, are sold in many countries, enjoy a high visibility. We produce high pressure mill can be physical material powdered products of kaolin. The physical material to 3000 to  grinding fineness. Raymond mill to advanced crushing technology as the guide, a steady stream of for all walks of life to provide a large number of basic industrial products and energy.