limestone vertical roller mill production technology

Source of limestone is generally large mines, mines after blasting, fall under the bulk material after crushing machine crushing effect, after vertical roller mill grinding effect, industrial use of limestone powder, so the production process and its crushing and milling is inseparable.
After after the bursting of the massive limestone materials first need after crushing machine crushing effect, and the crushing equipment respectively, jaw crusher, impact crusher etc., after the crushing limestone will into small pieces of material, and these small pieces of material can be input to the mill for grinding production.

After crushed limestone will in the hoist drive is first transmitted to the bunker, then from the closed type quantitative feeder transported to vertical mill within the host, after host grinding limestone powder will be in hot blast furnace blowing driven system of hot air was blown to select powder machine at, after the powder selecting machine of powder selecting effect, was eventually set powder is collected and be finished limestone powder materials.

In the introduction of the production process, limestone in the direction of flow, limestone fineness of materials by variable process are the same, and these are and vertical milling machine in the limestone milling process.

In the formal limestone crushing and milling production, in order to protect the environment, sometimes in order to prevent noise pollution, will install some of the equipment to prevent the pollution of dust and noise.

On the problem of dust, usually in the mill production line installed dust collector and set powder two dust collecting equipment, which powder feeder role set is to collect the powder material, and dust collector installed in the powder collector behind, it is in addition to collect the powder material, as well as to prevent leakage of the powder material in the air. And about the noise problem, just need to install a muffler in the production line can be.