Raymond Grinding Mill Has Perfect Performance

Raymond Mill referred to as Raymond grinder was first introduced from abroad a pulverizing mill. It can be used for a variety of powder preparation, preparation of pulverized coal, such as raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials of fine powder processing. Under the pull of domestic basic industries and infrastructure development, the birth of a large number of have professional and technical strength of the Raymond mill machine manufacturers, we are stand out in these enterprises.

Our many years to focus on research, development and production of Raymond mill, the speed of superfine grinding machine and milling machine with its excellent quality, has long been known at home and abroad. We use the advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with a variety of milling machine production experience for many years, developed their own Raymond mill.

Raymond mill, high pressure grinding roller hanger spring is fastened with a l000 L500 kg.After the start of work, grinding and around the spindle, and under the high pressure spring and centrifugal force , close to the rolling mill ring, and the rolling pressure 20% higher than those under the condition of the same power of Raymond mill, so as to increase the production.

When the grinding roller and the wear ring reach a certain wear, the high spring length of the high pressure spring is adjusted, and the grinding roller and the grinding ring are kept constant, so as to ensure the stability of the output and the fineness..

We produce the model of Raymond mill is in long-term powder development experience based, according to the domestic and foreign several mill users use requirements and recommendations, in the original Raymond milling machine based on through painstaking research and design of the new type mill, smooth operation; fine craft, strict process, to ensure the durability of the whole set of equipment; grinding workshop can realize unmanned operation and maintenance. All these let us Raymond mill stand out in many milling machinery and equipment, to achieve high grinding, the performance of the low energy consumption.