vertical roller mill for cement industry

The emergence of vertical mill for all walks of life have brought a lot of convenience, many raw materials processing industry through vertical roller mill and broken flour processing. With the development of cement industry, cannot leave the field of micro powder superfine mill. Material after ultra-fine grinding machining, as cement additives can improve the strength, water proofing property, permeability resistance of concrete, and therefore is widely applied in the field of modern building materials. Vertical grinder is developing rapidly in recent years the superfine mill equipment, with its excellent performance and the advantage of high production efficiency, has been widely recognized in the market.

Slag, fly ash and slag water has become one of the important cement mixed material, vertical mill to forecast water slag, fly ash and slag grinding can improve the quality of cement, save energy, not only can the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue, control environmental pollution, does not destroy the cultivated land, more in comprehensive treatment and utilization of industrial waste residue at the same time, enjoy many national preferential policies, to get good environmental, social and economic benefits, has a broad market prospects.

Our research and development production of vertical milling machine, on the one hand, continuously improve the level of technical service, consolidate the market share, on the other hand, increasing research and development efforts, to technological innovation to meet the new wave of industry equipment reform. Professional r&d team carefully research and development of over pressure of ladder type grinder, ultrafine powder mill, vertical mill, euro trapezoid mill, Raymond mill, such as high efficiency mill equipment of environmental protection, has been widely applied in many iron and steel, electric power, cement, chemical, and many other field and field production line.