Portable Equipment Sets the Trend of Crushing Industry

As the leader of domestic crushing and screening industry, Zenith Machinery is always strict with herself to closely follow the pulse of the world and leads the domestic trend. Portable crusher is a concrete manifestation that Zenith Machinery aims at the international forefront. In order to make domestic equipment catch up with the world advanced standard, Zenith Machinery invests a lot of manpower and material resources and finally perfectly integrates transportation vehicle with crushing and screening equipment.


According to the demand characteristics of domestic customers, Zenith Machinery has transformed all kinds of crusher and screening equipment for localization to make the equipment more humanized. According to the characteristics of mobile equipment, Zenith Machinery reasonably optimizes the distribution and configuration of all spare parts of the equipment, and then domestic advanced equipment comes into being such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen and so on. The combined application experience of various models of equipment provides customers with the most advanced and effective application scheme. After reasonable configuration, these machines will become the mobile combat forces of the crushing market, and customers will receive the maximum returns with the minimum investment.

Zenith products have been successfully applied all over the world, and its mobile crushing equipment involves in the waste treatment and recycling of urban construction. Mobile crushing and screening equipment can process qualified concrete and sand aggregates. Zenith mobile crushing and screening equipment begins to manufacture all kinds of stone at the scene and it can meet the high demands of customers for moving the equipment at any time in the site or in the transportation process. Mobile crushing and screening equipment can be divided into wheeled and tracked types, and they have compact structure, light weight and stable operation. Because different kinds of machines have strong compatibility, two, three or even more sets can be used together according to different particle sizes of the aggregate.