portable crusher to help the the city better development

In many enterprises, for the development of the continuous occupies the biggest market share in the market, many small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to have improvement and innovation in the courage to technological innovation. Our company in the years of technical summary on the basis of crusher further research developed new portable crusher, construction waste processing equipment, hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher, setting off a new face of urban development.

Our company developed the portable crushing station launch eliminated when broken trival steel frame structure, the foundation of construction, saving a lot of time. The portable crushing station can be directly selected site, directly to the site, without transport, directly to the finished product size. Especially suitable for crushing the site is small, suitable for construction waste, construction waste crushing. The portable crushing station also greatly reduces the cost of investment, improve the investment income. To improve the yield and production centralization as the core, in order to improve the efficiency and economic benefit as the goal, research and development of a variety of conditions of high efficiency, high reliability of mining equipment and technology, simple, efficient and reliable production system and mining layout.

We have been developed and tracked portable crushing station can achieve to multistage crush large materials, and in accordance with certain a specification material sieving machinery and equipment. The equipment application level and theoretical study of the depth and breadth are rising, steep, unstable, geologic structure complex mining coal mining method and process of research has much room for improvement, the main direction is improved working conditions, improve yield and mechanization level.

Our crawler portable crusher station station crushing way break both from mobile, or the use of what the main crushing machine, such as: mobile jaw crusher, counterattack is the mobile crushing station, cone type mobile crushing station, tracked mobile broken station has no other equipment function, convenient, flexible, fast, to build urban construction waste and a scenery line.