portable crusher is used for screening through three stages

Portable crusher is through the three stages of screening, according to the government a headache problem of construction waste, we study the one kind of new technology, through the belt conveyor, screening equipment and construction waste brick equipment composed of a set of construction waste treatment production line is portable crushing station, also called  portable crusher . The construction waste directly into the coarse aggregate and soil, which is what we call the aggregate recovery. Finally something can replace natural sand,manufactured concrete, recycled brick and ancient brick.


A screen using the filling type heating and crushing advanced device, broken into two levelsafter heating, shaping.

The two grade screening stage, produce good quality recycled aggregate. Secondary shaping is the rotating drum type or mill roller, aggregate outsourcing after 300 DEG C after breaking a layer of a loss of cement stone off, get high quality aggregate, after heating and the second rolling and sieve branch bring cost increased. Portable crusher is through the three stages of screening use. The process a total set three screening, a screening can get 0 ~ 5 mm aggregate; secondary screening was 5 ~ 20 mm aggregate; and cast steel is a high energy consumption of the process, from the perspective of energy conservation should also vigorously develop the welding rack and the movable collar.

Three grade 0 ~ 0.15 mm, screened from 0.15 to 5 mm, two kinds of fine aggregate, the separation effect is good. The device can be alone as shaping unit or a multi segment operations; a wide range of optional parts to adapt to a variety of applications, and can greatly reduce operation cost, high work rate, high shaping efficiency; production of reliable, continuous operation.

Although domestic portable crusher many types, portable crushing machine and moving the forehead is crushing machine in large, portable crusher is through the three stages of screening use, but widely used or traditional pendulum mobile crusher. The mobile crusher has the advantages of simple structure, the weight of a large proportion of the whole. To meet the strength, stiffness conditions, reasonable structure design will reduce the weight of machine. Easy manufacture, welding machine frame and the movable jaw instead of casting can also lighten the weight. At present, development and improvement of the existing mobile crusher technical level is the portable crusher can focus in the world.