vertical roller mill grinding process open order

Reasonable wear not only have the normal production order to the ultrafine vertical roller mill, but also conducive to the improvement of production, to treat your grinding mill!

Because the vertical mill oil lubrication, so before  starting to check the oil temperature, dilute oil station, hydraulic station, main reducer and roller lubrication station station, motor oil heater station dilute oil station open oil, etc. the temperature reached the requirements, and then start the raw mill auxiliary equipment group, this process is to strictly grasp the.

Be ready to do a good job, and then start  the powder selecting unit, the rotating speed of the powder concentrator is set in a suitable range. Confirm the mill with baking and grinding conditions, the amount of open mill exit point, according to the provisions of the hot blast stove heating. For the first time in the mill drying grinding, we should pay special attention to,at this time should be in strict accordance with the temperature curve of baking and grinding recommended baking and grinding per hour  grinding temperature rise can not exceed 60 DEG C.

According to the material level batching station material bin, start and stop the raw materials group, to ensure the supply of raw materials; when the mill outlet temperature reaches 80 DEG C, start spit slag circulation group; meet the conditions of the main motor, main motor start grinding group, after starting to closely monitor changes of main motor power. Then the feeding group and the grinding roller to start.