The automatic vertical roller mill road

In the future, the machinery industry will develop different patterns from the industry,providing the basis for industrial equipment for the national economy, with the development of science and technology, it will undergo major changes, will be more advanced. Let's have a look it development program.

Vertical roller mill operation to achieve more automated mode, which is a concept of progress, also is the people thought progress. But, to be more intelligent and automation is not an easy thing, want to use the computer technology. The first step is to develop an integrated software system and computer control system. At present, China's machinery manufacturing industry in the mechanical and electrical technology is relatively backward, seriously hindered the improvement of the quality of the mill, caused by the lack of competitive ability of products in the international market. So, we should manage to find ways to solve.

In fact, mechanical and electrical products from the exterior to the interior quality have a direct impact on the development of grinding equipment. So, in the design can use high-tech technology, strive to improve its quality. In the actual production, vertical moving track roller axis grinding can be approximated to a sine curve, its internal material quantity change due to changes in ambient temperature, etc., resulting in mill chamber suspension shaft the working temperature has been in the midst of change. So, when to take a more intelligent production,it is much easier to measure its temperature, but also through certain means to ensure the machine work in the best condition, convenient and improve work efficiency.

In order to improve the mill production efficiency, it is necessary to understand the factors affecting the production efficiency of the production of what it. In the production of material,the water contained in the large, easy to adhere to the high pressure mill, also easy to transport in the cutting process by reducing jam, mill grinding ability. The serious delay of its production efficiency, so, in the user production, if the material humidity is too big, it should be prior to production, drying effect, so it can be more efficient and productive activities.