Portable crusher is the ore crushing key equipment

Portable crusher is the ore beneficiation process of crushing and finely key equipment, its working principle is the portable crusher  is movable liners eccentric circumferential swing,we move the bold innovation of the crusher has been recognized by the industry, when the movable liner close to the fixed lining plate, in between the ore broken, movable liners from the fixed liner, crushing product due to weight by the discharge port of discharge. Because the swing frequency of mobile crusher has high crushing cone and large swing stroke, in the crushing cavity with a certain length of the parallel broken mine, movable liners and fixed liner liner wear protection.


Liner backing glue and glue is filled pouring effect comparison table liner, past protective crush cone and panel gap filler, is made of zinc hot pouring into. Is a hot pouring replacement work is complex and dangerous. New products to fill the field without heating, stirring after pouring cold, it is safe, quick and improve the service life of liner.

Our staff through the analysis and research of mobile crusher in detail, for the reform and innovation of the mobile crushing machine for bold, simple, safe, environmental protection,strength of filling machine, of moderate hardness, easy to move, easy to remove the flow characteristics of crusher. We move the bold innovation crusher gained industry recognition,to explore a high temperature liner replace glue as mobile crusher lining plate filling new way.This is our next to explain the content, from the adoption of new filling technology, has achieved good results in our equipment company.