Impact Crusher in the Production of Concrete Aggregate

The application of sand and stone aggregate has great significance in the concrete since it has to use the skeleton, transmit the stress, support the workload and at the same time restrain the contraction and prevent cracking. The impact crusher has an irreplaceable role in the production of concrete sand and stone aggregate.

Since the 1990s, the development of concrete had been towards high performance concrete, and the aggregate had been used as the main framework materials and the use of cement should be less and less. And the development of impact crusher should depend on high quality sand and stone aggregate. The experts in the aspect of concrete in our country see the quality of the aggregate as the bottleneck of the development concrete, and the low quality of the concrete in our country mainly lies in the granularity, shape, surface feature, content of the needle particle and the gap rate.

SBM impact crusher emerged as the times require and it has prominent characteristics in the above-mentioned aspects. However, people’s prejudice to the aggregate limits their recognition to the importance of artificial sand, and now people only see the artificial sand as a simple material that can be used to replace natural sand and judge artificial sand with traditional natural sand standard, and they can only see the shortcomings, which restrains the development of artificial sand.

SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing company specializing in stone materials crushing machines and artificial sand maker equipment. The sand and stone aggregate production line machine launched by our company is able to produce stone materials and artificial sand with various specifications, thus successfully solving the supply problem of excellent aggregates in the concrete. Given the significance of sand and stone aggregate, our company developed  new impact crusher which is specially design for the production of highway and railway sand and stone aggregate.