The portable crusher has its own unique breaking way for construction

The construction and strengthening the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is helpful to promote the harmonious society of our country, China is both the infrastructure or industry at an alarming rate in the development, construction waste production is high,so the reuse of construction waste recycling, can effectively promote the development of circular economy.

The portable crusher  building is currently the most advanced waste treatment equipment, it can make construction waste in the construction site is processed into recycled aggregate, then the portable crushing station main broken way of what?

First, the method of extrusion crusher. Extrusion crushing is mainly exerted a certain pressure on the material surface, the slippage between the internal granular material, increasing the distance between each other, to achieve the purpose of cracking. When the macro size of material decreases to a certain extent, with the increase of external force, increasing the difficulty of material crushing. It can be seen that the compressive crushing characteristics are: breaking hard material or hardness of raw material, not suitable for crushing soft and sticky materials, and there is a requirement for the moisture content of raw materials; the crushed aggregate containing flake, easy to cause internal damage of aggregate, the formation of the micro cracks. Mainly applied to primary crushing material, reducing macro sized materials.

The second method of impact crusher. Impact crushing refers to the material in the primary crusher or micro crack, the microscopic damage generated in the process of using, or between the internal granular material connected to the weak part, due to the impact force,internal damage and crack expanding, until the particle cracking. It is suitable for the characteristics of medium hardness and brittleness material in detail; the crushed aggregate more granular and the removal of internal risks. So in construction waste crushing stage are different, the use of these two kinds of crushing methods according to the requirements, the better implementation of construction waste crushing.