High performance portable crusher in the city transformation

Accelerate the formulation of local policies and regulations, portable crusher is the effective disposal of city construction waste guarantee. High performance portable crusher  to play the role in the transformation of the city, the actual application for the types of crushing machine in the company, under the principle of analysis of portable crushing machine, and the process of portable crushing machine until the transformation of the role of breaking.

High performance and high crushing crushing cavity frequency of successful combination, the new portable crusher (portable crushing station) processing ability is greatly improved, and as a result of the laminated crushing principle, so the portable crusher product is cubic structure,greatly reduce needle sheet material. The new portable crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, discharge port adjusting is convenient,time-saving and labor-saving maintenance, especially the liner can be changed easily to reduce downtime.

To strengthen our city construction site building materials and construction waste bulk transportation management, strengthen the building materials construction waste transportation management, freight vehicles have clear transport management right in building materials construction waste transport, and by city planning, urban management,public security and other departments in close cooperation, work together, strict management, strengthening of the freight vehicles and owners engaged in illegal building materials construction waste transport business and in accordance with the law, so that the central city construction waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of dumping into the whole effective monitoring and management,

The last one is the lack of means of law enforcement management. High performance portable crushing machine to play in the urban reconstruction, although the transport of construction waste in the shed and dumping problem, city sanitation enforcement departments have adopted many mandatory enforcement measures, such as increasing the processing efficiency of the portable crushing machine, but because of building garbage generation,transport and disposal is a system management, currently only transportation among the law enforcement management does not work.