Raymond mill grinding process characteristics

Raymond mill also called Raymond grinding mill, Raymond grinder,  in general, a set of equipment including Raymond mill, fan analysis, host machine and so on,the average user processing granularity is large enough to break up, this time you need to configure the crusher, hoist feeder, hopper, control cabinet, etc..

Raymond mill is one of the important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.Because of its stable performance, strong adaptability, high cost performance, since the introduction of China in the past 20 years, the processing has been widely used in nonmetallic minerals. But in recent years, with non - metallic minerals in ultrafine powder used widely in the area of development, Raymond mill has been applied to the largest extent, is one of the most widely used all the mill.

Raymond mill process characteristics

1, the fineness of product is low, the ordinary General Raymond Mill fineness below 500 meshes, these devices can only occupy the lower end of the powder application market.

2, mechanical failure rate, power consumption, noise, pollution

3, the low efficiency of the system, product collection system separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder is not effectively collected and repeat the cycle in the system caused by the waste of power

4, host bellows duct design mistakes, into larger particles in the material grinding area and the future and particle grinding broken is often thrown into the bellows in the volute tail aggregation box, and continue to extend forward, the wind gradually reduced, causing traffic jams, no less powder or powder, affecting production.