High performance quarry crusher is used for special materials

With the rapid development of the national economy, driven by the construction of all walks of life, in the engineering construction, crushing operations, this step is essential, processing materials difficult to come up, have brought great challenges to the  quarry crusher machine , to make unremitting efforts, efficient jaw crusher was born, with broken professional for special material.

Efficient jaw crusher for crushing of brittle materials with high hardness and the special material to broken, material treatment is more suitable for the length and width of relatively large, is also used to produce fine products with low content of. The device has the advantages of novel design, unique structure, broken ratio, can reflect the working condition of 'good more crushing and less grinding', also has the advantage of energy saving and emission reduction can be broken, high strength materials, such as silicon carbide alloy,structure, materials and reinforced concrete solid metallurgical slag and other special, can get high quality metal materials and materials, the equipment is widely used in crushing of metal alloy material, has not broken objects non-ferrous and ferrous metal alloy slag, iron slag, steel reinforced concrete and other building materials, refractory lining of metallurgical furnace before, all kinds of ores and non metal materials, the product was significantly improved in the field of crushing equipment level, to promote the metallurgical slag, reinforced concrete and other materials, recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources.

High performance of jaw crusher work consists of two pieces of jaw plate, a fixed jaw plate,also called the fixed jaw is vertically fixed on the body, the front wall, and the other one is a movable jaw plate, also called the moving jaw crushing cavity, position, form on the small and the fixed jaw plate, activity the fixed jaw plate of jaw plate to do periodic reciprocating motion,sometimes separately, sometimes close, separated from the material into the crushing chamber, the finished product is discharged from the lower portion, close to the material between two pieces of jaw plate fashion by extrusion, bending and fracturing and fragmentation.