Vertical roller mill operation principle

The vertical roller mill in grinding industry status play a decisive role, it is equipped with automatic control system, can realize remote control, simple operation, these features to consolidate its position in the milling industry.

In the vertical roller mill operation , it is indeed a worry of the machinery and equipment, to replace the roller sleeve, liner convenient, reduce downtime losses, in the work process, because the manufacturing precision, so, small vibration, low noise. In addition, the grinding machine is the whole seal structure, the system is working under negative pressure, no dust spillover phenomenon, ensure clean environment.

However, no matter how the performance of the machine, its correct operation is to be guaranteed, open mill process need to be protect it, in the grinding process, according to the order of operations, in order to make its performance better play.

When in operation, according to the order of start top dust group, raw material conveying group, kiln tail dust dust transport group, and, before starting, operation personnel to confirm the valve position, ensure raw materials according to the requirements of raw materials into cor responding database, after start, attention should be paid to the current value of the monitoring bucket the current, a standard verification working state is normal.

Because the vertical mill lubrication, so before starting to check the oil temperature will dilute oil station, hydraulic station, the main station and the grinding roller reducer lubrication station, dilute oil station oil heater motor station open oil, etc. the temperature reaches the specified requirements, and then start the raw mill auxiliary equipment group. This process is to strictly grasp.

To be ready to do a good job, and then start the powder selecting machine, the rotating speed of the powder concentrator is set in a suitable range. Confirmation of the mill has grinding drying conditions, the amount of open mill outlet temperature of hot blast stove,according to the provisions. In the first drying grinding mill, special attention should be paid,then according to the strict drying grinding temperature curve suggested drying grinding grinding temperature rise per hour of not more than 60 DEG C.

According to the material batching station stores, start and stop the raw materials, to ensure the supply of raw material; when the mill outlet temperature reached 80 degrees, start spitting slag recycling group; meet the main motor start grinding conditions, main motor group,started to pay close attention to changes in the main motor power. Then the feeding group and the roller to start.

Reasonable wear not only have the normal production order to the mill, but also conducive to the increase of yield, treat your mill!