River gravel sand making machine development

River gravel as reserves, mining easy to be widely used in mechanism of sand. Gravel quality hard in order to specialize in the production of the gravel crushing machine. The sand making machine with coarse grinding and fine grinding function, safe and reliable, the production process is running smoothly, the broken cobble is a good helper.

In the broken cobble gravel sand making machine will make the material from the inlet to the sand making machine, and then by the distributor to the material is divided into two parts, one part into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the impeller speed was followed by a projectile out, then will be scattered material impact crushing, while at the same time by the material lining layer rebound, the impact to the vortex chamber at the top, to change the trajectory of the discharge from the impeller channel. In this process the stone will be broken to achieve high friction, the broken rate. The whole production process is completed in the sand making machine equipment, little dust pollution, environmental effect.

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