Crusher machine used in the ore dressing plant

The crushed ore dressing plant is essential before separation material preparation and the quarry crusher is very important in the ore dressing plant . First of all, the vast majority of mineral processing plant of ore and gangue minerals are closely connected together, and often become fine and fine disseminated. Only they will crush, fully dissociated by physical separation methods, in order to present their enrichment, secondly, all physical dressing process are subject to size restrictions, the coarse granularity and size too small is not effective separation. In the mineral processing plant of ore crushing, the basic task is to provide suitable candidate materials for separation, crushing work is good or bad,directly affect the technical and economic indicators beneficiation.

Ore crushing large pieces of ore or ore to be processed, by the action of an external force, to overcome the force between the inner part and broken, make the process of ore particle size gradually reduced. In the beneficiation process, ore crushing is usually divided into the crushing and grinding time two stages.

The principle of ore crushing, material from the upper mouth to feed into the machine, by the high-speed movement of the hammer blow, impact, shear, abrasive and grinding. The device can be adjusted according to user requirements of the cleft, change the particle size, to meet the different needs of different users. And material impact hammer velocity of rotation of the crushing material, it has the advantages of simple structure, big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, can be used for dry and wet broken in two forms. 

The main working parts of the rotor with a hammer crusher. The rotor spindle, disk, a pin shaft and hammer.The motor drives the rotor in the crushing cavity high speed rotation. Material from the upper mouth to feed into the crushing chamber, by the high-speed movement of the hammer blow,impact, shear, abrasive and grinding. In the lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushing material in less than sieve size of particles through the sieve education, larger than the screen size is coarse grain resistance in the sieve continue to be a hammer blow and grinding,