vertical mill dust collector operational considerations

The vertical roller mill is also called vertical milling machine, which has since been accepted, the customer of the vertical roller mill evaluation is very high, because it is very "intimate". Especially in the severe pollution today, it still had a good performance, because it is a good environment protection machine.

The mill when the design consideration of environmental issues, large mining machinery so that it itself is not what impact on the environment, this is the place to be proud of. Vertical mill joined the dust removal system, but it is worth noting that, in the operation of dust collector, to good effect, should comply with certain matters.

Operational considerations the mill dust collector

One, the device to boot

Dust collector in before the start, should first communicated with the compressed air to the air storage tank, connect the control power supply, ash discharge device is started. To achieve the best effect of dust, to the downstream production line equipment coordination on the boot sequence.

Two, equipment downtime

In the powder production line, dust removing machine stop without compressed air, especially in wind machine work, must provide the compressed air to the poppet valve cylinder, to ensure the promotion valve open state.

The mill dust collector operation

The parameters of the equipment three, dust collector

Compared with the vertical mill technical parameters, parameters of dust collector is relatively simple, including flue gas volume, temperature, concentration, is made according to the real time feedback of powder processing conditions of lime powder production process, the temperature and the concentration of the parameters of dust removal are recorded and comparative analysis.

4) dust collector equipment operation

The principle, performance, use conditions of front line operators must be familiar with and master the precipitator, adjustment and repair method. Attention is needed on parts of regular lubrication and decontamination, avoid to cause blockage of equipment problems.

Operation in ensuring the above considerations, the perfect design of vertical mill dust collector to the cause of environmental protection become more simple, they added a bit of "careful machine", the completion of the big business.