Artificial sand production line are widely used in architecture

In fact, technology in our country instead of river sand is already quite mature, the sand making machine and crusher machine can solve these shortcomings of natural sand. And because of the reduction of river sand, artificial sand production line actually not only solved the problem of lack of natural sand, important raw material is also a high quality of concrete. However,because the demand of artificial sand is quite big, some do not have the condition of enterprise production and poor quality of artificial sand with a simple sand making machine,not only to the user to pay a much greater than usual cost, more serious is the concrete production quality is not up to the requirements and has a direct effect on the quality of building engineering.

The river sand and natural sand has a lot of advantages in construction, but with the requirements of building improve, natural sand because of the difference of geographical distribution and formation conditions of natural weathering, while showing volatility chemical indexes, especially the stability of the high performance concrete is certainly not conducive for the quality of concrete. The most important is that with a large decrease in the development of basic construction and river sand resources, coupled with the state strictly limited digging river sand, so look for source is the most urgent task of infrastructure construction.

The construction of buildings need to use a lot of sand, but the quality requirements of sand is not the same, artificial sand compared with natural sand, the appearance of the rough and the shape of the poor is the main difference. Artificial sand production of raw materials, and other synthetic materials limitations must be caused by manufacturing industry and construction enterprises to seriously face the problem in addition, appearance and shape of the rough less round, for liquidity when casting concrete caused by a bad influence, the liquidity of this bad will cause the concrete to produce voids, can said sand making machine directly affected the quality of the project. Therefore, the quality of artificial sand or bad points should mainly in the appearance of the rough and the shape of the circular degree.