Investment VSI sand machine foreground is very good

In recent years, the domestic perlite investment market began to heat up, this perlite sand, grinding, puffing and other deep-processing investment market is unpopular. Then the perlite processing prospect how? Perlite sand production line need what equipment? Need how much investment? Below we Shanghai Zenith mine sand making machine is to answer. Perlite is widely distributed in China. Wide raw material sources, low price. Perlite can be processed into: perlite sand, perlite, expanded perlite, its use is extremely widespread. The use of perlite perlite and sand production, the market prospects are very good, how many there perlite sand one ton? Perlite sand according to the quality and use local prices are different, probably a few hundred yuan a ton.

Perlite ore distribution is very wide, use can be used in various industries, market price value, use the effect is also very good, so in the future investment prospects are very broad perlite deep processing. So how much investment is the production of equipment and the price of perlite sand? Set of perlite deep processing equipment including: vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, jaw crusher, sand making machine (perlite sand machine), vibrating screen, belt conveyor, Raymond mill, rotary kiln (expanded use) etc.. We are Shanghai Zenith production of VSI new sand making machine is the most advanced perlite sand is the most ideal equipment, the sand making machine equipment can be broken fine perlite and efficient to the ideal of fineness of sand product, good quality, fast processing speed, economy and environmental protection energy-saving and practical. In addition to the sand making machine equipment with broken sand principle and advanced manufacturing technology makes the ratio of highly wear resistant sand making machine the traditional use of more durable the equipment. 

We with perlite sand production line of Nissan 1000 tons of for example, say many perlite sand production line investment needs? Nissan 1000 tons of perlite and sand production line needs to invest 1000000 to 1500000 yuan. Perlite grinding investment about 500000 yuan (size and requirements are different, the investment is also a slight difference). Perlite expansion investment in about a million calcination. Note: investment scale is different, the yield of different investment funds, also can have very big difference, specific advice Shanghai Zenith Mine Equipment Co. Ltd is a professional engineer.