Raymond mill to enhance strength to walk in the forefront of machinery

Equipment in their own on the basis of continuous development of Raymond mill , to science and technology and advanced production concept into the Raymond mill, closely follow the development trend of the times in the promotion of products on their own power at the same time, lead the Raymond mill equipment of our country walk in the machinery of Frontier Science and technology.

In order to better development of Raymond mill, Raymond mill equipment we made some improvements, to solve the traditional Raymond mill equipment can not solve the problem,mainly from the following four aspects of the modification of the.

1, the spindle and plum frame are conducive to the stability of structure transformation, keep it running smoothly.

2, the traditional analysis of machine part of Raymond Mill by intraluminal towed, changed into outer cavity hanging transmission cavity rotary two isolation, so as to enhance its working durability.

3, in the grinding zone to be grinding materials department always gathered in the grinding zone effectively processing, improve grinding efficiency.

 4 , the ventilation, the bellows and air duct by the original horizontal bottom to center tilted 30 degrees, forming a bucket shaped, ensure the bellows, duct always smooth non clogging, and always maintain the required air volume, high efficiency grinding in host.

The above four points are improved on the basis of traditional Raymond milling machine, not only improves the stability, Raymond mill and durability, but also improves the production efficiency.