ultrafine vertical roller mill main structure

A new type of vertical milling machine milling equipment in domestic emerging in recent years, it is established on the basis of the domestic and foreign advanced technology,combined with a variety of mill years students vertical roller mill production experience,with advanced grinding equipment, professional design and development. Is a set of drying,crushing, grinding, classification of transport as one of the ideal equipment for milling industry.It will be able to effectively bulk, large granular raw material grinding into powder material needed by people. At the same time, it is of high efficiency, low cost, drying capacity and many other factors also obtained people's praise.

Vertical milling machine is a set of drying, crushing, grinding, grading conveying in one of the ideal equipment for milling industry. This versatile milling machine in the end what is it made of? Today, we introduce the main structure of vertical milling machine.

Vertical milling machine has several series, today mainly introduce LUM series vertical milling machine.

LUM series vertical milling machine is mainly composed of a powder selecting machine, roll grinder, grinding disc device, a pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components.

1 powder selecting machine

This is the most important part in the vertical milling machine, each grinding machine is needed it to realize the automatic classification of powder selecting objective! The working principle of powder selecting machine various types of milling machine is basically similar, is to use centrifugal force and gravity of material particles of different to realize powder selectingeffect. But mill based new generation and made many improvements!

2 roll grinding device

The grinding roller device is used for crushing material. There is a large millstone on the output shaft of the reducer, of course this disc is fixed, material crushing are carried out on it.

3 pressure device

The pressure device is well understood, it is the source of the grinding roller device of power,a pressure device, a grinding roller has enough pressure crushing material.

4 motor

This is a powered device

5 shell

The shell is vertical mill housing. Now the improved grinding machine not only in the internal structure of a breakthrough, but also on the housing also designed the better visual effect.