Vertical mill successfully applied in mixing station

Our ultrafine vertical roller mill is the introduction of  technical improvement and become, the optimization of grinding wheel, grinding roller working principle, has the characteristics of strong production capacity and energy saving, highly favored by customers. In our country,the concrete application range, the use of many times, use amount is huge, the first prize in the field of engineering construction drawing in china. In recent years, a new concrete technology is rapidly developed and applied to many practical engineering projects, that is the high performance concrete, and the popularization and application of high performance concrete technology cannot do without the support of vertical mill.

In recent years China's process of Rapid City, urban renovation project was also faster, ready mixed concrete compliance by the government advocates, have developed very quickly and widely used in concrete market, and the corresponding concrete mixing station, also achieved rapid development. Vertical mill is in such a situation, the gradual introduction of domestic from abroad, into the large-scale domestic concrete stirring station.

Station operation mode has been more advanced domestic concrete stirring by now, the basic two party host multiple parallel operation, automatic control system for highly accurate strict requirements for each of the production process, the vertical mill as a modern large-scale mill equipment, modern operating mode and the digital control system is the main technology the characteristics, technical fit, concrete mixing stations, especially the modern concrete mixing station should be more use of vertical mill.

Now the concrete mixing station material accurate measurement has more stringent requirements of the precision of aggregate, cement, water and additives, and vertical mill for grinding materials can be moisture control and material fineness, the yield adjustment in the production process, can provide convenience for the whole process of concrete mix. Can say,vertical mill and modern concrete mixing station complement each other constitute the modern mode of production of ready mixed concrete.

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