Raymond Mill Provide Efficient Automation Equipment

Raymond mill is an automated high equipment, the control circuit is reasonable and is closely related to the normal operation of Raymond mill. Raymond mill motor control system are concentrated in the control cabinet, all levels are provided with mutual chain, feeding automatic control host current change to control the feeding amount, the machine starts successively for according to operating procedures and rules. The control cabinet, in addition to the host, analysis machine, feeder, the rest of the machine motor even the general AC asynchronous motor.

The control system, the motor capacity greater than 30kW, less than 30kW by using reduced voltage starting, direct start, system, host fan adopts triangular start.

Vibrating feeder after installation, loosen screw role in locating connection fork (on the three),loosen with nut tightening, open the rear cover of the vibration device, check the iron core and the armature gap should be 1.8 ~ 2.1 mm, and the two screen cleaning. All the screws should be strong, finally put on the cover and fixed; energizing no-load test, the electric control box note amplitude potentiometer R1 by small gradually increase, the amplitude should be 1.8 ~ 2 mm, current at 1.2 ANN, continuous working hours over whether amplitude current stability; normal open after bin gate feeding, observation the feeding amount of current is stable, allowing the descending amplitude of 0.5 mm, such as amplitude current reaches the rated value has yet to meet the feeding quantity requirements, will the vibrator hoisting inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, so as to meet the requirements of the feeding quantity.

Automatic feed adjustment, automatic material feeding is realized through the main current change. When the wind machine in normal operation, the main motor current exceeds a rated current will stop feeding, when the current drops automatically after feeding. This is mainlythrough the current relay action disconnect and connect control voltage, to feed and feed. DL- 12/6 type overcurrent relay has 2 coils in series, when its action current from 1.5 ~ 3 Encoretune. When the second tier League of the action current authority can be adjustable from 3 to 6 An, when the mill normal working condition, current transformer changes in current relaycurrent is not more than 3 safety lock. Therefore, the coil is connected in series. Automatic feeding at the beginning, will control the doors on the master switch to auto position.Gradually increase the control box potentiometer R1 knob, the current reaches the rated and stable, arm sliding simultaneously according to the host rated current adjusting current relay,relay action current change, rise, the normally closed contact is disconnected, the current decreased slightly when it shut down immediately.

Analysis of machine adopts transmission JZT type adjustable speed motor, control cabinet through electromagnetic slip controller (ZLK-1) to control button, a start button of squirrel cage motor part of the first operation, and then close the slip power switch, adjust the speed knob to make analysis of machine to achieve the desired speed and the required fineness(powder granularity) coincide, size from the control of powder son.

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