The Anti-damage Capacity of Quarry Crusher Is Greatly Enhanced

The features of jaw crusher are high crushing ratio, high productivity, even particle size, simple structure, convenient maintenance and low cost. Generally speaking, quarry crusher  for coarse crushing in cement production is also known as the first stage crusher. During operation, the movable jaw contacts directly with the materials, so it bears much load. If the fed materials contain special stones or iron ore, they will be crushed abnormally because of the high hardness. In even worse cases, the normal operation of machine can be hindered.

Whereas, the new type jaw crusher introduced by  Zenith implements the safeguard measure by adding the insurance widget to the equipment. Thus, the production efficiency of the quarry crusher as well as the whole stone crushing line is greatly improved. The thrust board is the above-mentioned insurance widget, which protects vital components from damage when encountering materials that cannot be crushed. Certain thrust boards are cast as a whole with cast iron, on which a slot or several holes are opened to reduce cross–section strength. The thrust board can also be cast into two parts, which are then connected by bolts. When foreign materials enter the crushing cavity, overload phenomenon will occur. The crushing force will then be transferred to the thrust board. The thrust board or the bolts connecting it will be broken, thus leading to machine stoppage.

This design can extend the service life of the jaw crusher. Since the operation is convenient and cost is low, it saves money virtually for our customers and increases economic benefits.  Zenith will always be at your service. If you have any questions about our jaw crusher. We provide you with one-stop services, such as process flow design, site civil works construction, equipment installation and debugging and technical and operational staff training. We ensure you three guarantees. In addition, we provide one year warranty and long-term machinery fittings for you. We firmly believe science and technology build brand while integrity creates glory.