Fast Development Momentum of Sand Making Machine

Due to the low starting point and late development of sand production line in China, there has been a gap between the opportunities with foreign technology. After decades of improvement, domestic science and technology as well as economic strength have increased sharply in China, which shortened the technology gap between China and foreign-made sand making machine . Opened our eyes to the world we will see that whether the sand making machine manufacturing or other industries are in a spate of science and technology, because technology represents the productivity of the company, and product without scientific and technological elements is difficult to enter the global market.

Shanghai Zenith Machinery is one of oldest production manufacturers of sand creating equipment. After years of development, sand creating products of Zenith has developed from the rod mill, sand producing machine to the sixth generation sand making machine. Zenith Machinery along with the times, developed from the introduction of technology to its own development, and gradually built Zenith brand sand creating equipment in the dark, example, I produced the third generation sand making machine.

Sand maker can be applied in the field of engineering, road construction, cement and metallurgical and other industries, and can play the role can’t be replaced by other sand maker. Zenith sand making machine put into the latest domestic introduction of the “crushing stone by stone”. The production process of Zenith sand maker is strict for the selection of raw materials, which extended the useful life of the machine lining, as well as saved maintenance and replacement funds of liner for users, and reduced production cost.