complete solution for clinker grinding station

Traditional clinker grinding station adopts ball mill to grind clinker, and has much dust, loud noise and high energy consumption in the process of production, it will be replaced gradually by vertical roller mill . Zenith Machinery is the professional manufacturer of cement equipment, can offer complete solution for grinding station, and improves production efficiency, reduces power consumption and environmentally friendly.

At present, domestic clinker grinding stations generally exist following problems.
1. The equipment presently with high energy consumption and low production efficiency, and it’s not meet the requirements of national policy.

2. Serious dust and noise pollution.

3. The production line presently with large area occupying and complex production process.

4. The equipment presently is old-fashioned, lower productivity and inferior quality.

During 12th five-year plan, puts forward higher requirements to cement enterprises that the enterprise with low productivity, high energy consumption and high pollution will be shut down, encourage the adoption of advanced technology, equipment and large-scale production.
Under the new circumstances, cement industry puts forward new requirements on equipment and production lines.

1. Putting national policy into effort, forgoing high energy consumption equipment, using of more energy-saving equipment.

2. Adopting advanced technology and equipment, reducing environmental pollution, and improving production efficiency.

3. Optimizing structure of production line, reducing the costs of production, and improving the profits.