quarry crusher machine in highway construction

With the construction of the national highway like a raging fire, the required sand and aggregate a shortage situation, we quarry crusher centralized supply of national highway and High-speed Rail construction machine equipment, its production, good size, has won widespread praise!

Aggregate is the main raw material for highway construction and maintenance,the quality of the black and white a greater impact on the line function, road public aggregate refers to the proper black pavement surface layer lower, with aggregate, with fine based, crushing surface, surface finish and high. All aggregate clean, dry, no soil impurities, it is put forward a higher request to the crushed aggregate.

Stone crusher crushing process of user choice, as envisaged in the crushing process, must consider the road on the particle size, shape with aggregate,crushing surface and sundry goods matter request, because in the crushing process of stone crushing more times, crushing probability higher incidence,flakiness content can become less, laminated between completion of fine crusher particle breakage, improved particle shape.