Vertical milling machine production of sand for building situation

At present our country society is construction and development, so the sand used in construction demand is very large, because the metal mines in China is very rich information. Building sand production production equipment and vertical roller mill specially,the entire sand production line is composed of feeding system - breaking, mill equipment - sieving and conveying system structure. There are many types, so that material when it is not too difficult, such as granite, river pebbles, quartz stone, sandstone, limestone and so can be used to make the building sand raw materials.

According to the different intensity of artificial sand can also have different purposes. Sandstone and quartz stone ore due to the higher content of quartz sand, more suitable for mixed use of condensed structures; and granite, basalt because the quartz content is higher, higher hardness, so is a good raw material for making artificial sand; and limestone, abase because of large reserves, is widely distributed by the amount of use; lava,  because the structure is relatively stable, large scale characteristic is convenient for large-scale development, because it is also an important raw material for making artificial sand. 

In the production of sand used in construction process, influence the production of building vertical mill sand by many factors, know more conducive to improving the yield. For everybody below I analysis of several influence factors and put forward the corresponding solving methods.

1, the hardness of materials. In general, the more the more hard materials, not easily broken, more hard material is very serious degree of wear equipment.Therefore, in the production of building sand, the best choice for broken within the scope of the material equipment, improve production efficiency;

2, the material composition. Containing impurities more material more is not conducive to the mill, best material screening before grinding, the magazine removed, in normal grinding work;

 3, finished product. The higher the finished material fineness requirements,Raymond mill production capacity will be lower, which is the main reason affecting the ability of the equipment. If no special requirements, the best in the production of fine type products, improve the production efficiency of Raymond mill;

4, viscosity. The greater the viscosity of the material crusher, Raymond mill production capacity will be lower, the finished effect is not very good. Therefore,in the selection of grinding material, must ensure the normal range of viscosity.