gypsum fine powder processing milling equipment

Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill is suitable for the grinding of materials hardness is less than level 9.3, but the most suitable for gypsum. Raymond grinder is also called Raymond grinding mill, Raymond mill, mine mill, is a new type of mill instead of ball mill powder, suitable hardness is less than 9.3, the humidity in the high fine powder processing below 6% inflammable and explosive mining,chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials,

R type Raymond mill product size in the 30-325 project within the scope of any regulation, part of the material can reach 1500 mesh; high pressure suspension roll into product size in the 80-425 project within the scope of any adjustment portion of the material can reach 1500 item, is the best choice for gypsum industry.

Gypsum stone by vibrating feeder into the jaw of primary crusher crusher,crushing the bulk materials after crushing by the hoisting machine conveying of small pieces of material into the mill, grinding fineness of finished last, between 30 -2500 targets.

Gypsum crystals often according to develop into a plate shape, also have a granular. Often simple shape: parallel double B, P, m, l etc. the trapezoid column; crystal face and often with vertical lines; sometimes like a bean. Twin common, one is according to (100) for the twin plane Gary twin or swallowtail twin, another kind is by (101) for the twin plane Paris twin or arrowhead twin.Leading a dense granular or fibrous. Fine grain shaped block called alabaster;fibrous aggregates called fiber gypsum. Formed by a lenticular crystal like rosette aggregate rare.