From two aspects to enhance the vertical roller mill quality

With the rapid economic and Technological Development and customer demand changes, the vertical milling machine more fierce market competition. High quality equipment is a powerful weapon for the mill manufacturers to participate in market competition.As the top domestic mill supplier, our product quality as enterprise life,continuous research and development to meet market demand for high-tech products, and adopt advanced management methods and scientific management means to implement quality assurance. Over the years, with our excellent products and quality service, to win the trust and support of many new and old customers, so that we remain invincible in the fierce competition in the market.

As everyone knows, is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of product sales. But for the mill, not only affect the quality of sales, is also related to the safety and production. Therefore, the mill manufacturers should pay more attention to the product quality. We think that grasping the vertical mill quality,can be from two aspects:

Improve product technology

The market is the most basic level of product quality inspection standards, the customer is the examination of product quality of the "referee", therefore, need technical department and other departments collaboration, developed in line with the current situation, technology standard and practical, the standard should be involved in all aspects and the various positions of the operation, covering all the design, production, casting, cleaning and other processes.

As a set design, development, production, sales, installation and repair as one of the well-known domestic heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise, we 56years has been committed to the mill, rotary kiln, tube mill cement equipment production and sales. To the mill as an example, in order to satisfy the customers of different materials and different production production demand, we launched the slag vertical mill, vertical mill, steel slag cement vertical mill and vertical mill and other raw materials, to meet the annual output of 200000 tons,annual output of 300000 tons, annual output of 450000 tons, annual output of 600000 tons, annual production of 1000000 tons and an annual output of 1500000 tons production line production demand.

The process of implementation of the standard in place, strict quality control

As a responsible business, we all attach great importance to every production process, strict work discipline, to establish and perfect the operation flow. In addition to the regular training, in the daily work, and the person in particular operation guide and supervise continuously, let each staff due diligence, good quality.

During powder production line construction cement factory, we have repeatedly into the workshop, the workers together with strict quality control, finally in February, the production line put into production smoothly production standards.At the same time, we workers dedication and professional skills have also been star cement plant project responsible person praise.