vertical milling machine processing slag used in cement production industry

At present most of the domestic cement grinding system or by ultrafine vertical roller mill based, high and low yield and quality of cement mill not only affect the competitiveness of enterprises, but also directly related to the cement plant and the economic benefits of enterprises lifeline, Raymond Mill our, high pressure mill, superfine grinding machine grinding equipment, to meet customer demand, welcome your advice.

Slag powder is a kind of inorganic mineral admixture model of high strength, high performance concrete is indispensable, which belongs to the building material of high technology products. Its raw material is blast furnace slag of metallurgical industry, with the blast furnace slag as the concrete mixed with material not only can be equivalent to replace cement, reduce the cost of concrete, but also makes full use of blast furnace slag, saving a lot of precious resources cannot bere generated for the country, which is a new type of green environmental protection product.

Slag after grinding machine grinding processing into slag, slag powder and is a good raw material for cement, applicable to the cement enterprise, it can be equivalent to replace part of the cement clinker consumption, but also added slag powder in cement increase cement production, but also can significantly improve the performance of water mud.

Cement enterprise production of slag powder can be equivalent to replace part of clinker, greatly reduce the production cost, reduce the free calcium, raise the qualified rate of cement stability performance (mill 100% pass rate); slag powder cement, improve the comprehensive performance of cement, cement sales with the same price; cement grinding station production slag activation powder, be equivalent to reduce the purchase of part of the amount of clinker, and improve the quality of cement; slag powder is mixed into the cement, cement sales with same price; the use of slag powder production of cement, cement 3D strength by adding slag powder after under mixing grounded furnace slay before the cement early strength of 1 ~ 3.0Mpa. Slag activation powder for ordinary slag powder production cost.