Application of sand making equipment in cement plant

With the continuous development of our economy, the construction industry is booming, sand making machine is widely used in metallurgy, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and other departments, can see its shadow. Sand making machine is suitable for soft or film material of the grinding,including cement factory as material crushing large demand for sand making machine industry, the wider application, one of the raw materials of cement for the construction industry, the quality of cement or even about the quality of the whole project, so the sand making machine and building is complementary.Professional and technical personnel, so we summarize a few points to note in the allocation of cement process requirements:

1 cement on concrete pump ability also has certain influence. According to our country a large number of engineering practice experience, general with Portland cement, ordinary portl and cement, slag Portland cement, Portland fly-ash cement is appropriate, shall be in compliance with the national relevant standards.

2 fine aggregate on concrete mix can affect the pump is much larger than the coarse aggregate, mix so can flow smoothly in the conveying pipe, is because the mortar lubrication pipe wall and coarse aggregate in the mortar because of suspension, so the requirements of fine aggregate with good gradation.

Should pay attention to the quality control of aggregate processing in 3. The quality problems of sand, mainly is the full set of sand making machine equipment fineness modulus often fluctuate, the influence of concrete work ability, generally allow the fluctuation range is within 0.2.

4 water content are constantly changing, so that the mixing water is difficult to control. Prove that the majority of our engineering practice, suitable pump used in the sand, the sand quantity through 0.315mm sieve in concrete can greatly influence the pump of.