Vertical milling machine make limestone grinding easier

Vertical milling machine we produced is, summarize the successful experience of foreign vertical roller mill  , a on the basis of the research into both mill grinding and drying. Compared with the traditional mill, vertical mill production of larger, higherfineness, grinding and grinding ring wear degree taller, longer service life. At the same time, in recent decades, a large vertical mill has also been a large number of promotion in the cement industry, whether it is coal grinding, the slag grinding,non-ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral powder etc., are welcome by broad user.

Vertical milling machine through the motor drive disc rolling, the material of grinding fineness, at the same time, from the hot stove to the grinding cavity internal continuous hot air, under the action of centrifugal force, material toward the disc edge mobile, through the annular groove of the disc by roller rolling and crushing. The finished product via high-speed airflow blows, consistent with the scale of the product was carried by winds to the powder collector.

While the larger particles of material because is unable through the cage type analysis of high speed rotor machine, grinding processing falls back down again. In such a state of reincarnation, the ultimate realization of material for fast, high efficientpowder. In the traditional milling machine than the vertical milling machine has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, the drying capacity, chemical composition of products is not chaos, particle gradation, average, low noise, little pollution, low wear rate. The rapid development in the industry, large-scale, low carbon and energy saving will become the development trend of Chinese flour milling machine, vertical milling machine we produced will be able to hold the high ground, meet customer demand at home and abroad.

In recent years, the industry of our country, especially the heavy industry developed rapidly, the demand for electricity will also increase, now our countrypower plant is still dominated by thermal power plants. The thermal power plant is still to coal as the main way, every year a large number of coal consumption,the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, a large number of sulfur dioxide gas emissions into the atmosphere, acid rain and other severe weather occurs frequently. The fundamental problem is to solve the pollution of the environment, power plant desulfurization is particularly urgent and important.All the time since, calcium  is the most application in a power plant desulfurization, it will be through lime stone into fine powder, adding coal powder as an additive to the elemental sulfur in coal by high temperature of the chemical reaction, thereby reducing the sulfur emissions into the air, reduce the pollution of the environment.