new type vertical mill advocated the green environmental protection

Technology progress, the need of city development, the customer produces yearning, green environmental protection will quickly form a landscape in all walks of life, now vertical roller mill and other mechanical equipment with green environmental protection are closely linked, it is so exciting.

Research on mineral milling process based on milling machine manufacturer zenith machine, mining equipment manufacturing limited liability company produces XZM series ultrafine mill, powder mill, super large mill to achieve a technological breakthrough again and again in the milling area, not only can provide the best quality of powder material for highway, high-speed railway, the high-rise buildings, Municipal Engineering, hydropower dam construction, port and dock, concrete mixing station, and is widely used in many fields, highway,railway, mine construction, hydropower station. At present, the zenith of new environmental protection mill grinding industry become the preferred equipment for mining.

"Green low carbon" pursuit, has become the development direction of China all walks of life. "Green low carbon" concept into engineering construction is mainly reflected in the aspects of building energy conservation, environmental and ecological protection, sustainable use of resources, green environmental protection building materials etc.. Especially in the construction waste recycling utilization, tailings, fly ash, coal gangue and other resources, as the key center"Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the planned economy to the comprehensive popularization. Because the construction waste, tailings resources, fly ash was added to low carbon series, so processing equipment joint crusher, milling machine and other equipment to the corresponding low carbon model.

vertical roller mill: