Zenith vertical roller mill unique design

Zenith mining machinery company's own and production of the  vertical roller mill design has broken than the larger, more simple structure, stable running, work efficiency is more high, it maintains the decisive advantage is simple, convenient to change a machine as many investment firms, is widely used in mineral processing, chemical industry. And it is the most satisfactory and satisfied or Zenith mining machinery company in the service quality requirements, the interpretation of the quality win public praise.

Vertical ore mill design can be widely used in stone production line hydropower freeway industry. Three cavity fracture zone, the rotor adopts keyless cone sleeve connection, highly wear resistant plate hammer, insert the installation form, tilting bearing seat, tooth shape unique counterattack lining board, a multi-directional opening, screw or the hydraulic open device so that the replacement of wearing parts, maintenance more convenient. vertical ore mill design processing length 100-500 mm the following material, its compressive strength up to 350 MPa, with broken than large, broken material after a cube particle etc.

Vertical roller mill used for hard rock, breaking strength is not more than 350MPa of brittle material, especially suitable for highway hydropower project using the aggregate, fabric and making artificial ore  such as broken, gravel, granite, ore and other hard materials of hard. Zenith mining machinery company non magnetic iron ore concentratio has the following characteristics.