The grinding process of the vertical roller mill

The vertical roller mill adopts external circulation, thus removing iron is more convenient, the grinding belt machine and coarse powder into the mill in grinding, etc., should be combined with electromagnetic iron remover, in order to reduce the grinding material of iron content, reduce the abrasion.

Vertical roller mill according to the conditioning tower and filter position, arrangement scheme of two different, namely three fan system and double fan system. The cyclone dust collector for collecting product. This arrangement can reduce the system working pressure and the amount of gas collector. Used esp can also use the bag dust collector as the dust removal equipment; the dust collecting device can be electric precipitator and bag dust collector, the grinding of gas directly into the dust collector, the system reduces the number of devices, simplifies system configuration.

(1) to determine the size and the basic parameters, including wet slag water, feed size, vertical mill production etc..

(2) the host device, and the power output of the vertical mill; dust collector air volume etc..

(3) the material storage
The wet slag: wet slag bin general belt machine from the slag yard directly to the factory, the wet slag bin shoulds not be too big, the reserves can meet the general requirements of 4 ~ 8 hours, in case of long time without cause wet slag agglomerate, cause plugging material. In addition, the wet slag is not suitable for the hoisting machine conveying, to prevent sticking in the hopper, cause the transportation ability.

The slag slag: when a single source, stable quality, can build a homogenizing silo, the source of more, need to build two homogenization silo, in order to ensure the stable quality of products factory.

(4) powder, packaging
The slag powder directly used for concrete mixing station, the train car, bulk, bulk bulk ships generally use, really need the packing bag, also want to use a big bag packing (ton packing), unfavorable use pouch packaging, in order to reduce the cost of.