Vertical roller mill in the ore milling process advantage

Vertical roller mill is widely used in the foundation of domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with years of various mill production experience, advanced grinding equipment design and development.

Vertical roller mill is a set of drying, crushing, grinding, grading conveying in one of the milling industry is the ideal equipment. LM series vertical mill can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries. For the powder material block, granular and powdery materials into the required.

In mining production, there are other types of crushing, grinding machine, its working principle, each has his merits.

1, roller mill: the rotation of the roller to crush the materials.

2, disk mill: the vertical axis and horizontal axis of rotation of the disk as the broken parts.

3, centrifugal mill. To complete the crushing effect by high-speed rotating parts and medium production of centrifugal force.

4, the vibration mill. The rotary shaft vibration, high frequency, the medium and material strike against each other and crushing effect.

In the mine crushing, grinding process, crushing finely homework in ore crushing operation is large, so its broken loose volume has increased. In order to prevent crushing cavity crusher might therefore cause obstruction, without increasing the discharge port to ensure that the premise of discharge size required, must through the crushing cone lower diameter to increase the total discharge section.

Mine production of cone crusher is mainly used in the conventional grinding process as second stage crushing and third stage crushing use. In recent years, is widely used abroad, machine in addition to individual mines outer cone using the domestic market fragmentation, considerable are mainly imported cone crusher. At present, the cone crusher in 25mm discharge conditions, the maximum processing capacity of up to 1200t / h.

Vertical mill: vertical mill is a kind of fine grinding equipment installed vertically, with stirring device. The material feeding from the lower part of the mill, feeding material is medium after grinding, qualified products due to the density of reason, overflow from the mill on the top, coarse particles in the mill to grinding. Vertical mill maximum feed size is 6mm, size 74 ~ 2 μ M. At present, the largest foreign mill installed power 1500HP, processing capacity of up to hundreds of T / h.

Vertical milling machine milling efficiency is high, and the milling system compared to save energy 30% ~ 40%. Less wear, drying ability. Equipped with automatic control system, can realize remote control, simple operation. Equipped with roller and the grinding disc device to prevent direct contact of the lining plate, avoid destructive shock and vibration. Through the repair cylinder, turning arm, replacing the roller sleeve, liner is convenient, reduce the loss of shutdown. Operation of small vibration, low noise, and the equipment of whole sealing, the system works under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, to meet the requirements of national environmental protection.