vertical roller mill grinding process

Use of LUM vertical roller mill:

LUM series vertical roller mill mainly powder selecting machine, roll grinder, grinding disc device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. The separator is a kind of high efficient, energy-saving powder selecting device. The grinding roller is used for rolling grinding parts of materials. Grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of reducer, grinding roll material. When the pressure roller pressure device in order to provide the parts of the grinding roller, provide enough pressure to the grinding roller to crushing material.

vertical roller mill working principle :
The motor drives the vertical roller mill
 disc to rotate by the reducer, so the material through the air lock feeder from the feed inlet fall at the center of the grinding disk, and hot air into the air from entering the mill. With the rotation of the turntable, material under the centrifugal force, the wind ring high-speed airflow with up to the edge of the grinding disc, large particles directly onto the disc re grinding, flow of material into the upper part of the separator, the rotation of the rotor under, coarse powder from cone to disc re grinding, fine powder with qualified airflow mill, through the dust collection device, namely product, moisture containing material is dried in contact with a hot gas, by adjusting the temperature of hot air, can satisfy the different humidity material requirements, the product water reached all the requirements. By adjusting the separator, can achieve the desired products with different thickness.

vertical roller mill process:

1.A single pulse dust collector, open system of bucket elevator into the raw material bin through the system of raw material, through weighing, iron removal by into the air lock feeder belt conveyor, as much as possible to ensure the raw material into the machine when not on. Products were collected with a single pulse dust collector to complete, reducing equipment number, simplify the system configuration. Product collections by spiral feeder by the bucket elevator into the finished product silo. For grinding wet material drying.

2, the cyclone with pulse dust collector closed-circuit system
The difference between this system and the single pulse dust collector open systems is that the products were collected by a group of cyclone dust collector to complete, the gas blower part of the paper mill for recycling, can reduce the workload of the system and the gas dust collector, eventually dust removal equipment available pulse dust collector.

3, the single pulse dust collector closed-circuit system
The difference between this system and the single collector system lies in the product collected by pneumatic conveying system will be refined into the finished product silo, and fan most gas is introduced into the mill within the recycling.